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Welcome to Preschool Playhouse Funland!

Preschools prepare children for their entry into “big school.” These early childhood education facilities play a critical role in the child’s mental and physical development. Hence, pre-K schools should be able to provide children with a nurturing and healthy environment where they feel safe and secure. Additionally, a pre-K school should be a place where children are taught and encouraged to express themselves in positive ways to inspire teamwork, build friendships, and bring out their unique individuality.

Preschool Playhouse Funland understands your children’s developmental needs. We take our role in your children’s early development seriously, which is why we have gone to great lengths to provide them with pre-K programs that encourage them to learn at their own pace.

Located in Blauvelt NY, Preschool Playhouse Funland is the first private, fully accredited/registered nursery school and kindergarten in Rockland County, NY. We are experts in the developmental needs of young children, and our staff is mature and experienced. The children are introduced to many daily adventures in music, numbers, letters, and social skills. Most importantly, we ensure that they can have fun in a safe and secure environment.

Pre-K Programs

Here at Preschool Playhouse Funland, we provide age-appropriate programs tailored to cater to the developmental needs of specific age groups. Below are some of the programs we provide for preschool-age kids.

Day Care

Our preschool class also includes a readiness program that teaches reading, math, science, music, and social skills in a natural and developmental manner. We use weekly themes enhanced by fun and creative activities.


We are one of only a handful of preschools in NY that provide kindergarten classes as well. We know how much your child’s first experience in “organized” learning can impact his or her concept of school and education. What is impressed upon children during their developmental years is what they usually take with them well into adulthood. A small and private kindergarten class enables the teacher to fully focus on each child’s learning and development.

Apart from our regular programs, we also provide learning activities that children can enjoy during the summer season. If you wish to learn more about our Junior Summer Camp, please click here.

“Are there any good preschools near me?” If you live in or around Rockland County, NY, the answer is yes! Please contact us at 845-359-4562 to schedule a visit. We will be more than glad to show you our facilities and introduce you to our staff.

Our Programs

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