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Summer Camp Registration

Online registration is coming soon. For now, please call our office at 845-359-4562

April is a Great Month

APRIL IS A GREAT MONTH: Everyone is happy that spring is here. Spring is a time for many outdoor changes and we are on the lookout for the first crocus and blossoming forsythia. We will soon be taking a class trip to the plant nursery. We will buy flower seeds, plant them and watch them … Continue reading April is a Great Month

March, the month that was

THE MONTH THAT WAS: March was a terrific month for the children. Kites, pinwheels, St. Patrick’s Day, spring, lions and lambs all contributed to exciting learning and happenings. We did experiments with wind and learned that wind can make things move. We noted that spring is a time for outdoor changes – milder weather and … Continue reading March, the month that was

Choosing an Infant-to-Toddler Preschool

Children usually start school by the time they are five years old. For a lot of parents however, starting them young is the best way to get them ready for big school. If you are like most parents, you might already be thinking about enrolling your child at an infant-to-toddler preschool right after his or … Continue reading Choosing an Infant-to-Toddler Preschool

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