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Camp is excellent!

My family grew up at Pre-school Playhouse. We found the staff to be encouraging, fun, totally hands on and above all more than accommodating on any personal issues with the children. They provide a unique learning environment, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each age group/class of particular children. The teachers there have been part of the pre-school staff for decades and provide an invaluable education to the children, that can only come from experience. The school celebrates all kinds of special occasions that allow the children to learn about history and culture, from Johnny Appleseed to Dr Seuss.
My children both went to Kindergarten well prepared, and I attribute that to the strong foundation provided by Pre-school Playhouse.
Camp is excellent and once again well organized into age appropriate groups. They have a pool which is an excellent bonus and great day trips. I would recommend this school without hesitation

~ Elaine Hayes

My daughters’ positive attitudes toward school

I am so thankful to Preschool Playhouse for providing such a warm, nurturing environment for my two daughters. Both my girls enjoyed attending preschool there and bonded with their teachers and classmates. They learned a lot and had fun, too. I credit Preschool Playhouse and their excellent staff for my daughters’ positive attitudes toward school. My younger daughter, who is currently in the class for four-year-olds, asks me “Do I have school today?” and when I say yes, she cheers. I’m really looking forward to both of them attending summer camp this year.

~ Anonymous

A warm, loving, comfortable place

I have a 5 year old grandson that goes to Preschool Playhouse. This is his second year there for school and camp. What a wonderful experience for him. It is such a warm, loving, comfortable place for children to learn and grow without feeling pressured. He has learned so much, even Spanish! When your 4 year old comes home to talk about the bears that hibernate in the winter……and that baby kangaroos are joeys……wow…. I never worry about him when he is in school. The staff is beyond reproach, very experienced and very loving. I have another grandchild on the way and I have no doubt that this will be the nursery school of choice.

~ Bonnie Lavaia

Camp offers exciting adventures

Preschool Playhouse is a wonderful home away from home for our child. The teachers are so caring and instill in our child the same values we strive to teach at home. Our son impresses us with the things he is learning about the presidents. I love to hear him sing the songs he is learning. They bring a smile to my face each night. His art projects decorate our home with new seasonal designs. It comforts me to know our son is being cared for while I am at work each day.

Preschool Playhouse summer camp offers exciting adventures for our child each day.The availability of swimming and learning to swim with redcross instructors is a great advantage. Our son as overcome fears of going under water while swimming at camp. The camp has exciting, unique activities planned for the childeren each day. The beautiful playground is also a wonderful advantage for the children as well as the ample grassy area for sports.

~ The Friedman Family

I feel that my children are safe, secure, learning and having fun

We love Preschool Playhouse, we came to you with our first daughter from the wonderful praises of our family members that attended your school and camp in the past. Our first born loved it there and has continued and will be graduating and moving on to Kindergarten, she is heart broken that after three years she has to leave you. Our second daughter just started a few months ago and loves her teachers and new friends. As a parent I feel that my children are safe, secure, learning and having fun. Your prices are reasonable and your flexibility in days and times is unmatched. The private swim lessons have proven very effective and we hope to continue them this year!

~ Anonymous

Every single day at Preschool Playhouse has been a positive experience for our children

My husband and I choose to send both of our children to Preschool Playhouse for the two years prior to them entering kindergarten. Our experience has been above and beyond what we ever expected. Our daughters couldn’t be more different, but the teachers have taken a very personal approach to developing each child’s skills. This has given them the confidence and independence they require to make a smooth transition to kindergarten. Every single day at Preschool Playhouse has been a positive experience for our children. Thank you for providing a safe, fun environment for our girls.

~ Michele Galle-Looram