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Early Childhood Education

“Early childhood” is generally defined as the age range from two to seven years. It is during this time that a child is at his or her most impressionable stage. Children at this age easily pick up everything they hear, and mimic what the adults around them do. Early childhood education can be done in a formal and informal set-up. During the child’s early toddler years, parents and guardians take on the role of the child’s first teacher. It is usually at home that a toddler learns his first words, learns how to identify basic numbers and colors, and also begins to understand the concept of good manners or good behavior.

To further assist the child during this crucial developmental stage in his or her life, a lot of parents opt to enroll their child at an early childhood education center. This is where Preschool Playhouse can help you. At our early childhood learning center, we have developed specialized programs intended specifically for your child’s early learning years.

Understanding that an early education center is your child’s first introduction to a school set-up, we designed our programs in such a way that your child will have fun while learning all the basic things that they will need once they start their elementary years; from ABCs to 123’s, colors and shapes, and animals.

Early Childhood Education Programs

We provide age-appropriate programs designed to help your child learn, grow, and develop at his or her own pace.

Our Toddler Class introduces your child to a world beyond their home. This program helps your child develop independence, as well as language, cognitive, motor, and social skills. If your child has yet to be toilet trained, we will help him or her in this area as well.

Our Pre-Nursery Program on the other hand, puts a stronger emphasis on your child’s “formal” education. Whatever they learn at this stage will greatly help them once they enter kindergarten. We focus on helping your child develop reading, language, and numbers skills, as well as socialization and communication skills.

Kindergarten is one of the most important steps in your child’s early education. Our programs for kindergarten are more structured compared to the other two mentioned above. This is your child’s exposure to an actual school set-up. By introducing them to the educational structure that they will experience throughout their years in school, your child is more prepared to meet the “demands” of a more formal learning set-up.

Schedule a visit today

We invite you to schedule a visit to see for yourself how we conduct classes at our early childhood center. This will also give you the opportunity to meet with our staff, and to check our facility. Please call us at 845-359-4562 to let us know when you would like to visit our school.